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How to Celebrate Mother's Day In Quarantine

by Contact Content May 08, 2020

Mother's Day – Quarantine Style

COVID-19 and quarantine have impacted each of us in different ways. There is not one area of life that the coronavirus has not impacted. Mother’s Day will soon be included in this. We’d like to remind you that who you are now is the result of a life spent adapting to a changing world. You only come to meet new parts of yourself once the right circumstances require you to change. Social distancing might even force you to get to know the mother(s) in your life in ways that normal circumstances might otherwise not have allowed for.


Some of us are more apt to open up to people whom we may normally censor ourselves around. This is one of the benefits of digital technology: We can opt for a phone call or text instead of always having to see the other person's reaction in-person. Now, we don’t advocate opting for all your social interactions to be virtual. But we do encourage you to consider these circumstances an opportunity to get to know yourself and others differently. 


Maybe this will even force you to reevaluate what motherhood means to you all together. Not all women are mothers, and not all mothers are the same. Some mothers are surrogate mothers or foster mothers. Some mothers are grandmothers raising grandchildren. Some mothers are not in touch with their children. And some mothers are fathers who raised their child in absence of a mother. There are many ways to be a mother. And if being a mother doesn’t align with you, that’s okay too.  


Below are a few of ways that we at Ethic Marketplace are going to experience Mother’s Day this 2020 while social distancing.


  • Garrett (CEO)
    • “I will spend Mother’s Day out at my family’s ranch where my mom, my grandmother, my sister and I will have a socially-distanced picnic. I feel pretty fortunate to have my family close by in a time like this.”

Mom and son skiing 

  • Ariel (CMO) 
    • “I am fortunate to get to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. Because I live with my mom and dad, we’ll be making Mother’s Day special by cooking her favorite breakfast in bed: challah french toast.” 

Mom and daughter hiking 

  • Sean (CIO)
    • "Since I'm attending school out of state, I won't be able to spend Mother’s day with my mom. Instead, I'll be FaceTiming with her for a makeshift family dinner."

son and mom on vacation

  • Sally (Marketing)
    • "For the first time in over five years, I get to spend Mother’s Day with my entire family at home. We will be celebrating by cooking dinner for her and playing corn hole." 

Mom and daughter at the beach


Consider the following ideas opportunities to reimagine Mother’s Day this year: 


1. Watch a movie and chill. 

One of the most popular ways of connecting during quarantine has been through group video conferencing apps like Zoom. Zoom allows desktop and mobile users to watch a movie together in real-time. Simply log into Zoom and create a new Zoom meeting. Then share that URL invite with your mom. Once you are both logged into the same Zoom meeting, "share your screen" with your mom. (Note: The screen you select for sharing should be the browser window where you are watching the movie currently.) 

Users can opt for gallery view to watch others’ reactions in real time; in full screen mode to really zone in on that elusive plot line; or pinning the Netflix user’s screen to the front of the gallery while enlarging it as well. There’s also an amusing chat box to the right which still allows you to offer witty commentary while your audio is muted.


2. Go old-school and send a card.

  • Paperless Post offers some of our favorite online greeting cards. There are both paid and free options, but the quality is pretty consistent throughout. 
  • Canva is another free app we like. Canva allows you to create a slideshow of memories and email it to mom (or whomever).  


3. Do a virtual hangout.

There are tons of free video conferencing apps (like Zoom) which allow you to have a conversation in real-time while also cooking dinner or making a special Quarantini. (Yes, that's a thing now.) It's particularly fun if you have a Cook Off, and each begin cooking the same recipe while on Zoom together. 


4. Make it a Game Night

For those not quarantining with family, there are a ton of free online games that allow you to still have game night. These are a few of our team's favorites:

(NOTE: If you want to REALLY get to know your mom, play Cards Against Humanity! The experience might be bit awkward initially, but trust us – it's worth it. The cards are hilarious and cater to a mature audience, and you will become close real quick.


We’d love to know how you’ll be spending Mother’s Day during quarantine? Post a photo of yourself holding up a card with your answer to the following question: “What does motherhood mean to you?” and hashtag the post with #AMotherIs. We’ll share each person’s post in our feed! 

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who identifies as a mother.
(A particularly special shout out to our favorite mother.)
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