A few years ago, our co-founders met as freshman in the dorms at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Jonah Heath, Joseph Sobrero, and Oliver Issa spent much of their free time on hikes and backpacking trips and bonded over a shared passion for the outdoors. In pursuit of a meaningful cause to channel their skills, they discovered that the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world. Looking to make a positive impact, they set out to create a brand promoting a sustainable alternative to traditional outerwear. Thus, Bract Company was born.

Bract Company creates sustainable hemp outerwear. Traditional outerwear is made from cotton and synthetic fabrics. This clothing benefits the wearer at the cost of harming the environment it was meant to be used in. We knew there must be an alternative fabric that could maintain a high level of quality, functionality, and affordability, without jeopardizing the world around us. After conducting extensive research, we found that hemp is the optimal solution. Hemp fabric provides a plethora of natural advantages, while remaining one of the worlds most sustainable fabrics.

Welcome to Ethic!

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First, a heads up. At this time, we've had to put our store on hold, but don't worry we're not going away. Our blog is active as ever and we're adding new content everyday! We're so excited to launch the store again soon, so please reach out with any ideas for new products or content you'd like to see. 

Glad to be in this fight for a better world alongside such a rad human as yourself.