Peregrine Falcon

Sala Verde

Wave hello to your new favorite sunglasses. We shaped them for spending surprisingly lovely days with your friends. Or for attracting new friends if you catch our drift. Our take on the classic aviator style, the Falcons will help float you through life on a natural tailwind.

  • Polarized - Reduces glare + eyestrain, and improves eye comfort
  • Renewable - Constructed with cellulose acetate for a natural feel
  • Dependable - Stainless steel hinges and noteworthy construction backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty



  • Exceptional Lens Clarity ensures crisp, clean, and sharp images
  • UV Radiation Protection blocks 100% of UVA + UVB rays 



  • Foldable cork case
  • Gentle microfiber cloth



  • 54/19-145 
  • Concerned with fit or can't decide? Buy a few pairs and return what you don't want to keep. Returns are free and easy.



Our closed-loop business model was created when we saw trash while surfing in Costa Rica.

The name and logo were inspired by the circular shape of a wave's barrel and ties directly into our goal of making it easy and enjoyable for you to live sustainably.

It shouldn't be hard to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, so join us in keeping the green room (a wave's barrel), green.



  • Free Shipping
  • Often shipped within 24 hours
  • Your product will arrive within 5-7 days (US)



We have a 30 Day 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Please contact us for return requests.

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