{ZERO} Waste Kit Burrito

Zero Waste Kit

w/o knife

Not only will you get the {Zero} Waste Kit utensil, straw & straw cleaner and 2 produce bags, you'll also get an official {Zero} Waste Kit napkin for storing them! Tuck all of your tools into your napkin pocket and begin rolling (scan through product images to see what we mean!). Lastly, tie your napkin shut with the attached strings to keep your tools safe and clean for their next use. Feeling like a badass yet? You should... Because you my friend just made yourself a {Zero} Waste Burrito!

Maintenance note: treat your bamboo spork with oil (any oil you have in the home will do) after washing it to maintain shine and quality.


*NOTE: kit orders with knives are delayed as we are still patiently waiting for supplies, ETD end of April. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

Email for questions or wholesale inquiries - info@zerowastekit.org

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