{ZERO} Waste Kit Napkin & Utensil Pouch

Zero Waste Kit

The napkin is zero waste in nature and diverts fashion scrap fabric from being sent to landfill, as it is made from 100% upcycled materials. All scraps we receive have been laundered to ensure they are perfectly clean and like-new condition. Sewn with love by our seamstress in Southern California, the neat thing about the ZWK napkins is that no two are the same. We never know what color or pattern we will get from our supplier, making it all the more fun and unique. Each person who buys a ZWK has not only made an empowered lifestyle choice to live more ecofriendly, but they have also given back to the earth by buying a product that diverts waste from the landfill. 

All kit ingredients are ethically and sustainable sourced, because we believe better business is hella sexy and important.

Email for questions or wholesale inquiries - info@zerowastekit.org

This is just the beginning

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